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    Acoustic cabins

    The ideal workspace for your meetings, calls, visios...


    In today’s ever-changing professional world, the importance of acoustic booths cannot be overestimated. These dedicated spaces meet a growing need within today’s businesses, offering a private refuge from the hustle and bustle of the office. The myO brand distinguishes itself by offering ready-to-install and ready-to-create acoustic cabins, with an emphasis on quality and innovation. This article explores the essence of these acoustic cabins and their impact on the modern working environment.

    Acoustic cabins combining aesthetics and performance

    myO acoustic cabins go beyond the practical. They represent a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and performance. Their elegant, meticulous finish creates a visually soothing, professional environment. Combined with exceptional acoustics, this combination provides a workplace conducive to concentration and creativity, promoting employee well-being.

    La Cabine Prête-à-Poser – Woody Box

    Ready-to-install cabins

    The Woody Box, the essential haven of peace for your telephone meetings!

    Testing the Woody Box

    The Woody Box from myO embodies the essence of the acoustic cabin concept. Easy to install in just a few minutes, it provides a private, bright and healthy space for meetings or conferences. This ready-to-install cabin is distinguished by its elegant design and its ability to create a visually soothing environment, while ensuring quality sound insulation. It represents the perfect union of aesthetic comfort and acoustic performance.

    Create a healthy work environment

    In a world where well-being at work is essential, acoustic cabins play a crucial role. They offer a private refuge within the company, encouraging quality interactions and increased concentration. These dedicated spaces help create a healthy working environment where employees can flourish, increasing their productivity and commitment.

    Promotes the well-being of your employees

    By investing in acoustic cabins, companies are investing in the well-being of their employees. These private spaces encourage collaboration, improve communication and reinforce the feeling of belonging to the company. By providing quiet, secluded working environments, acoustic cabins help to create a positive professional atmosphere, where every employee can flourish.

    La Cabine Prête-à-Créer – Mood Box

    Ready-to-create cabins

    Take advantage of every nook and cranny of your space to create more productive working environments.

    Create your own Mood Box

    The Mood Box from myO offers a more flexible approach to acoustic cabins. With its aluminum structure, it can be fully customized to accommodate up to 8 people. This ready-to-create cabin stands out for its ability to create custom configurations, while maintaining exceptional sound insulation. It embodies adaptability and versatility, two key aspects of the modern professional world.

    Promote concentration and creativity

    myO acoustic cabins not only provide an isolated space, they also encourage concentration and creativity. By eliminating noise distractions, these spaces allow employees to fully immerse themselves in their tasks, increasing their productivity. What’s more, a quiet, secluded environment stimulates creativity, encouraging innovation within the company.

    Ready-to-install and ready-to-create acoustic cabins from myO embody the evolution of modern workspaces. With a focus on quality, aesthetics and performance, these dedicated spaces promote a healthy, productive and friendly working environment. By investing in these acoustic cabins, companies invest in the well-being of their employees, creating a professional atmosphere conducive to personal fulfillment and collective success.

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