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    Acoustic separators

    Dividers designed to preserve your employees' privacy and improve their acoustic comfort.

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    Acoustic comfort and elegance: transform your professional spaces with myO office dividers

    Optimize your workspaces by combining effective soundproofing and aesthetic appeal with MyO office dividers, enhanced by French elegance. Our office dividers reinvent your professional zones by promoting acoustic comfort, and also offer a bespoke, friendly and aesthetically pleasing working environment thanks to their exceptional installation flexibility and adaptability.

    The secret of comfort in open-plan offices: breathing space

    Our office dividers are an ingenious solution for optimizing workspaces, combining sound absorption and discretion to delimit your work areas. They ensure privacy and confidentiality while adding a subtle touch of sophisticated design.

    Do it your way with our customized desk dividers

    At myO, personalization rhymes with identity and well-being. Our office dividers come in a wide range of colors and shapes, to combine acoustic and visual comfort. More than just an aesthetic choice, our dividers reflect the uniqueness and serenity of every workspace.

    Clip-on or clip-on desk dividers

    Office dividers

    Our office dividers are fully customizable and can be installed anywhere!

    Regain your privacy at work

    Practicality and flexibility are at the heart of the design of our acoustic separators. They can be placed on a desk or fixed with a clamp to offer great flexibility of use. Their removable feature gives you the freedom to arrange and rearrange the space to suit your needs.

    Fixed dividers

    Our fixed office dividers are the ideal solution for creating visual separation in shared and open spaces. Easy to install, they fit into any context, including offices, meeting rooms and coworking spaces. They offer exceptional acoustic comfort by minimizing sound waves, while optimizing the use of available space.

    Removable dividers

    Our removable dividers are key to creating comfortable, flexible working environments. They improve soundproofing and add aesthetic appeal to your space. Their mobility allows you to adjust and transform the space to meet the changing needs of your business.

    myO dividers, more than just space creators

    Space dividers

    Well-defined environments for the comfort and well-being of your employees.

    Recreate your spaces

    Our myO separators go beyond the function of demarcation. They sculpt workspaces that are aesthetically pleasing, flexible and user-friendly, to meet the human and functional needs of today’s businesses. By choosing our 100% French solutions, you’re opting for results that meet the highest standards of quality, durability and efficiency. All with a distinctly French elegance.

    The Essence of French Conviviality

    We want our office dividers to embody French conviviality. They are designed to encourage communication between employees while respecting their privacy. We add the ability to customize colors and shapes to create an environment that’s both warm and inviting.

    Tailor-made technical innovations

    French office separators stand out for their personalized approach and acoustic innovation. Designed to meet the specific requirements of each space, they offer high-performance noise absorption. Our desk dividers combine elegance with effective soundproofing.

    Durability, Reliability and Made in France

    Our office dividers, made in France, are distinguished by their modularity, customization and high quality. They ensure superior durability while meeting the most demanding standards.

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