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    Quiet, it's box !

    178 kg of pure happiness!
    Launched in June 2023, the Woody Box has been designed to give you maximum satisfaction with every phone call.

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    The ideal workspace is one in which efficiency and serenity go hand in hand. The one that facilitates exchanges between employees without disturbing those around them.

    Discover your ideal space

    100% comfort

    At MYO, we are first and foremost technicians!
    Our R&D team has worked on every detail of this acoustic cabin to ensure that it provides users with all the comfort they expect:

    - The confidentiality of your exchanges: once inside, nothing filters through, so you can talk in complete freedom!
    - A small space BUT bright thanks to 2 glass sides and automatic lighting
    - A ventilated cabin with 100% air renewal in less than 1 minute
    - A few practical items for when you're on your own to make a phone call or video call: a large tablet, 1 220V socket and 2 USB sockets.

    The little extra: a folding screen that can be magnetized to the outside glass to protect you from outside view!

    100% local & responsible

    Designed and manufactured in our workshops in the North of France, the Woody Box is fully in line with our approach of short circuits:

    - Most of the raw materials used are sourced within 100 km of our company.
    - The Woody Box is 100% made in our workshops

    From a materials point of view :

    - The Woody Box gives rubberwood a second life. In fact, this wood is only used once its initial latex production has been exhausted.
    - The leather used for the handle is vegetable-tanned.
    - Over 600 recycled bottles make up the interior trim, and 86% of the materials used are recycled.

    Certified & approved by YOU

    Turn it up!

    In case you haven't had a chance to try it out yet, we've put our acoustic cabin to music.

    So, are you convinced or are you going to try again?

    Promise kept

    Acoustics: once inside, no sound filters out.  

    Well into her Woody

    Connected, the Woody Box offers you all the comfort you need: Light, Ventilation and Mains/USB connection.

    Quickly delivered! Vite Montée!

    Made 100% in our workshops in the North of France, we are reactive and productive.

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