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    Acoustic panels

    Acoustic panels come in a variety of versions. It adapts to every space and every need.


    A comfortable reception area

    Unwanted noise is omnipresent in our daily lives, whether at work, in busy restaurants or even at home. Noise pollution can be disturbing, stressful and detrimental to our general well-being. Strategically placed acoustic panels quickly eliminate echo, reverberation and excessive noise, creating an acoustically well-balanced space.

    myO acoustic panels combine absorbent surfaces and a designer look with high-performance acoustic qualities, using durable materials to guarantee sound absorption and insulation.

    Because no two spaces are the same, we offer a variety of applications: wall-mounted, ceiling-hung and freestanding panels. There are even printed acoustic panels that turn them into real works of art.

    Acoustic wall panels

    Our wall-mounted acoustic panels come in a variety of shapes to fit in perfectly with your spaces.

    Discover the wall-mounted range

    When placed against a wall, the myO acoustic panel becomes a design element while fully retaining its original purpose: to absorb sound and attenuate noise in any space, helping to create calmer, more pleasant environments.

    Ideal acoustic comfort :

    • Noise reduction: Acoustic wall panels effectively absorb unwanted noise and modulate sound levels to create a quieter, more pleasant environment.
    • Improved concentration: In an office, better sound absorption helps employees to concentrate, which can boost productivity.

    Elegant, modular design:

    • Customization : Acoustic wall panels are available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns. This allows you to adjust their appearance to suit the aesthetics of your professional space.
    • Discreet integration: They can be discreetly integrated into the overall design of the room.

    Your new acoustic partner

    In the age of collaboration and customer service, the experience of your employees and customers in your exchange environments is essential. Excessive noise and noise pollution can quickly disrupt this experience, affecting team productivity and customer comfort. That’s where myO acoustic ceiling panels come in, discreet allies that transform your spaces into friendly, pleasant environments.

    Multiple benefits for your working environment

    1. A welcoming atmosphere: In environments dedicated to customers, such as restaurants, hotels or stores, ambience is essential. Acoustic panels on the myO ceiling help create a calm, pleasant atmosphere, encouraging guests to extend their stay.
    2. Quality communication: Customers appreciate smooth communication with staff. Excessive noise levels can make it difficult to understand instructions or recommendations. Acoustic panels improve the quality of customer-employee communication.
    3. Minimized stress : In service environments, noise reduction can help reduce customer stress, promoting a positive, memorable experience.

    Suspended acoustic panels

    We create original formats that combine acoustic performance with discreet, elegant design. 

    Discover the ceiling range

    Transform your spaces into havens of tranquility with myO acoustic ceiling panels, and offer an exceptional experience to all who frequent them. Our acoustic ceilings, made from sound-absorbing materials such as rockwool or mineral wool, attenuate sound waves and contribute to significant acoustic comfort in your shared spaces.

    Optimum comfort;

    • Acoustic uniformity: They help to balance acoustics throughout the room, avoiding problems of echo and reverberation.
    • Noise reduction: By reducing the vertical propagation of sound, they limit airborne noise, including that from upper floors.

    Design and discretion :

    • Aesthetics : Some ceiling panel designs offer a sleek, modern look, enhancing the appearance of the space.
    • Space-saving : our suspended acoustic panels don’t encroach on floor space, making them ideal for areas with limited floor space.

    Easy to install :

    • Efficient installation: Our suspended ceiling panels and ceiling tiles are designed for fast, simple installation, minimizing downtime.
    • High-performance: ceiling panels are made from high-performance acoustic materials and fabrics for maximum sound absorption.

    The art of acoustics and design

    In the world of modern interior design, acoustics and aesthetics are no longer two separate elements, but rather harmonious partners that shape a company’s ambience and image. myO decorative and acoustic ceiling panels are at the forefront of this revolution. They offer a unique experience that immerses visitors in a world that is both acoustic and graphic, while extending your company’s image right down to the furniture.

    myO decorative and acoustic panels, available in various thicknesses and finishes, embody the perfect fusion of art and science. They offer dual functionality:

    1. Exceptional acoustics : these panels are designed to effectively absorb unwanted noise, thanks to an optimal absorption coefficient. They create a calm, pleasant environment. They are certified for their acoustic performance, guaranteeing a significant improvement in the sound environment.
    2. Customized aesthetics: Our customized panels give free rein to your creativity. You can choose image printing, 3D printing, shape, as well as from a selection of textured and colored fabrics to create an aesthetic that reflects your corporate identity.

    Your creativity can finally express itself:

    Image printing : with myO panels, your space can become a canvas. You can print images, patterns or artwork on the panels, creating an immersive visual experience for your visitors.

    3D printing: Combining 3D printing with the insulating properties of panels opens up a panorama of possibilities. Textures and raised patterns can be used to stimulate visitor interaction and interest.

    Textured and colorful shapes and fabrics: Personalization isn’t limited to printing. You can choose from a variety of panel shapes, as well as textured and colorful fabrics to add depth and warmth to your space.

    Decorative acoustic panels

    myO reinvents acoustics with designer-ready absorbers!

    Discover the deco range

    myO acoustic and decorative panels, crafted with care and precision, provide excellent acoustic performance and a striking visual dimension for your interiors. By combining aesthetic wall cladding with effective sound-absorbing technology, they provide not only remarkable sound reduction, but also a tangible improvement in sound insulation in your spaces.

    Comfort and noise absorption:

    • Versatility: our decorative wall panels beautify and soundproof shared spaces, effectively managing noise levels and nuisance.
    • Effective absorption: Behind their decorative facing, our panels feature an optimal thickness of absorbent material, guaranteeing exceptional sound absorption and reverberation time reduction.

    Deco and Design :

    • Creativity unleashed: Available in a variety of designs and finishes, our panels adapt to the specific needs of each space, from ceiling layouts to wall coverings.
    • Customization: Customization options ranging from fabric coverings to shapes and colors let you create a space that resonates with your business, both acoustically and visually.

    Technicality :

    • Easy maintenance: Made from high-quality materials, our myO decorative acoustic panels are not only robust, but also easy to maintain.
    • Versatility: Whether as acoustic wall panels or ceiling tiles, our decorative panels can be attached to a variety of surfaces, ensuring reduced echo in the room.

    100% French acoustic innovation

    myO decorative and acoustic panels embody the perfect fusion of art and science, offering dual functionality: exceptional acoustic performance and customized aesthetics. By personalizing every aspect, from image printing to the selection of shapes, fabrics and colors, you have the power to create an environment that speaks for your company.

    myO panels are the key to turning your space into a visual and aural masterpiece, offering an exceptional experience to all who frequent it. Express your creativity while offering your visitors an unforgettable experience that combines acoustic comfort and exceptional aesthetics.

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