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    Smile, you've come to the right place.

    Our achievements

    MYO guides your senses since 2014

    In our workshops, we design and manufacture a wide range of acoustic solutions to make all professional spaces (finally) pleasant to live in!

    Our strength: helping you to implement your project with products designed to be technical, decorative, easy to install and environmentally friendly.


    Do you have a MYO profile?

    You work in a company, a restaurant, a collective space.... and you're regularly confronted with a problem of sound reverberation that pollutes your working environment, and even your personal life.

    MYO designs and manufactures certified products for all these shared spaces, recognized for their acoustic, decorative and eco-responsible properties.

    Most of you are always very SURPRISED when you discover our products by :

    - The multitude of forms they can take: paintings, panels..,
    totems, cubes, partitions, ceiling hangings, curtains,
    desk dividers ... right through to acoustic cabins.
    - 1000 & 1 finishes in terms of fabrics, colors and personalization.

    MYO's finished, ready-to-install products are appreciated for the comfort they bring to all types of space.


    Yes to both
    Product and Service!

    For us, SERVICES are just as important as PRODUCTS. To each his own...

    Are you a (soon to be?) customer?
    - We have developed an ACOUSTIC RECOMMENDATION to define the right response to your needs.
    - We can advise you on the positioning of the absorbent surfaces to be used, depending on your constraints.

    You are architect :
    - CCTP and FDES sheets are available for each of our products.
    - A complete library can be downloaded from P-Con.

    You are an installer of our solutions:
    - 100% of our products come with assembly instructions.
    - A personalized CUSTOMER AREA lets you track your orders and invoices in real time.


    We're on to you!

    We can help you implement solutions to make your workspace a pleasant place to LIVE IN.

    Do you have a need or a project?
    As soon as we receive your request, we'll contact you to discuss your expectations. We make sure that our solutions meet your requirements in terms of acoustics, aesthetics and layout.

    Planning advice based on FACTS.
    A study of your project is carried out either on site, or through a collection of plans, pictures and comments. We analyze everything on the basis of a calculation routine taking into account all your elements: surface, existing materials, constraints... in order to give you an ACOUSTIC RECOMMENDATION.

    If the environment proves too complex (e.g. a cathedral!), we call on the expertise of acousticians.

    Professional set-up by professionals.
    To install your acoustic products, our network of authorized myO installers is available throughout France and Europe.

    Contact our teams

      We will contact you within 48 hours.

      We certify EVERYTHING!  

      Since our creation, we have been convinced of the benefits of working responsibly,
      several organizations regularly validate our environmental and social initiatives.

      Our products

      Your questions, our answers

      What are the advantages of acoustic correctors such as wall panels, ceiling tiles and absorbent furniture for my workspace?

      Acoustic correctors, such as wall panels, ceiling tiles and absorbent furniture, offer several significant advantages for your workspace. They can significantly reduce unwanted noise by absorbing sound waves, creating a quieter, more productive environment. These solutions also help to improve sound clarity, reducing echoes and enabling better communication. What’s more, these installations are aesthetically discreet and can be harmoniously integrated into your space, preserving its design while optimizing acoustics.

      How can I determine which type of acoustic corrector is best suited to my working environment?

      The choice of acoustic corrector depends on various factors specific to your working environment. It’s essential to consider the size of the room, the type of unwanted noise present, as well as aesthetics and budget. For larger spaces, such as open spaces, wall panels and ceiling tiles are often recommended to cover large areas. For individual offices or meeting rooms, discreet wall panels or absorbent furniture may be more appropriate. Our acoustics experts can assess your specific space and advise you on the most effective solutions tailored to your needs.

      What impact will acoustic correctors have on my employees' productivity and well-being in the working environment?

      Acoustic correctors play a crucial role in improving the productivity and well-being of your employees. By reducing unwanted noise, they create a quieter working environment, promoting concentration and productivity. What’s more, a well-soundproofed workspace can reduce noise-related stress, improving employees’ general well-being. Improved acoustic quality can also promote clearer, more effective communication between team members, strengthening collaboration and teamwork. Investing in acoustic correctors can therefore lead to a significant improvement in the working climate, contributing to employee satisfaction and overall company performance.