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    Suspended acoustic objects

    Efficiency and design: our acoustic suspensions to dress up your spaces!

    Kinô suspension combines acoustics and lighting. This combination with a single product brings you two benefits. Create a cosy atmosphere and add a designer touch to any space.

    Technical specifications

  • Specificity: suspended acoustic furniture with lighting integration


  • Absorption coefficient : αw = 0.85 (class B)

  • Shapes : cylinder, tulip, triangle

  • Colors : light or dark grey

  • Option(s) : lighting, color coating with Hush finish


  • Dimensions : see product sheet

  • Fastening method : suspension from all types of ceiling

  • Playful and pop, the Lugn cube is an original alternative to acoustic panels. Already present in nurseries, schools and many other spaces, these absorbers fit in everywhere. Easily installed, Lugn cubes help to attenuate noise in your environment.

    Technical specifications

  • Specificity: acoustic play furniture with removable covers


  • PV available in AAE 

  • Form : cube

  • Finishes : 3 fabrics – 63 colors


  • Dimensions : 310*310*310 mm – 500*500*500 mm

  • Fastening method : suspension in all types of ceiling

  • Your next crush...

    Do you work with several colleagues in a shared space and need some privacy to make a phone call or video call?

    The Woody Box is an acoustic booth that combines comfort (bright, ventilated, connected...) and ease of use (plug-in!).

    Discover our ready-to-install acoustic booth

    Our method

    1 - Acoustic expertise

    If your space allows it, we can offer you a precise acoustic recommendation, so that you invest only in what's necessary.

    2 - Projection and design

    Visualize your acoustic design project using 3D tools made available to our teams and partners.

    3 - The deco touch just for you

    For perfect integration into your space, we can create custom absorbers to your specifications in terms of size, shape, finish and color.

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