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    Acoustic furniture

    Suspended or free-standing, they add a decorative and acoustic touch to your spaces.

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    Acoustic Furniture: Your workspace becomes comfortable and personalized

    In the ever-changing world of workspaces and professional environments, the integration of acoustic furniture has become a key element in enhancing the experience of your employees or visitors. These innovative acoustic solutions, manufactured in France, offer a multitude of benefits, including comfort, customizable design and creative decoration of shared spaces.

    Acoustic comfort first

    Benefiting from myO’s expertise, acoustic furniture plays an essential role in improving acoustic comfort in the workplace. By reducing unwanted noise and reverberation, it creates a more peaceful environment, promoting employee concentration and productivity.

    Innovative designer furniture made in France

    Acoustic furniture made in France stands out for its elegant design and customization. The manufacturing workshops respond to specific customer requests and develop solutions to meet the unique needs of each company.

    Removable objects: combining acoustic performance and decoration

    Removable acoustic furniture items are versatile pieces that combine acoustic performance and decoration. They can be easily moved to furnish the space while improving acoustic comfort. This adaptability makes them ideal for constantly changing environments.

    Free-standing acoustic furniture

    A variety of uses to bring acoustic comfort to every corner!

    Awaken your senses

    Fixtures: suspended luminaires and absorbers

    Fixtures such as luminaires and suspended sound absorbers offer a different approach to improving room acoustics. They’re easy to install and adaptable to any environment, whether offices, meeting rooms or collaborative work areas. They blend harmoniously into any office, meeting room or open space, guaranteeing effective soundproofing.

    Customization at the heart of our acoustic furniture

    Customization is one of the key features of acoustic furniture. Customers can choose from a range of colors, shapes and patterns to create unique pieces that reflect their corporate identity.

    Acoustic furniture is more than just acoustic. It creatively dresses up workspaces, adding an aesthetic and decorative dimension. This versatility makes it possible to create attractive, comfortable working environments.

    Customization, Innovation and Made in France

    Suspended acoustic objects

    A variety of uses to bring acoustic comfort to every corner!

    Awaken your senses

    Throughout this article, three fundamental values emerge: personalization, technical innovation and made in France. Acoustic Furniture offers tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each company, while incorporating technical advances for high-performance, certified products, proudly made in France.

    Acoustic furniture is more than just furniture. It’s an essential element for improving acoustic comfort, design and the appearance of workspaces. By integrating removable and fixable objects that combine acoustic performance and decoration, you can create modern, flexible and aesthetically pleasing working environments. Choose innovation made in France with myO acoustic furniture and transform your spaces into places where employee well-being and performance meet in harmony.

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