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    Decorative acoustic panels

    Acoustic design: The solution that appeals to your senses.

    Decorative acoustic panels: To satisfy your interior design desires.

    Our solutions

    With Quieto, myO combines performance and elegance. The Quieto panel offers a wide choice of customization options. Add 3D patterns, print your visuals and create a comfortable, designer space.

    Technical specifications

  • Specificity: decorative acoustic frame


  • Absorption coefficient : αw = 1 (class A)

  • Panel thickness : 40 mm

  • Shapes : rectangle, square

  • Finishes : 3 fabrics – 63 colors

  • Option(s) : Custom printing, relief printing


  • Dimensions : see product sheet

  • Fastening method : traditional frame hook

  • Your next crush...

    Do you work with several colleagues in a shared space and need some privacy to make a phone call or video call?

    The Woody Box is an acoustic booth that combines comfort (bright, ventilated, connected...) and ease of use (plug-in!).

    Discover our ready-to-install acoustic booth

    Our method

    1 - Needs assessment

    We can help you define your needs, based on an acoustic recommendation.

    2 - 3D drawings

    Visualize your acoustic design project using 3D tools available to our teams and network partners.

    3 - Co-creation and customization

    To integrate your space as seamlessly as possible, we can create absorbers according to your dimensions and wishes (shapes and finishes, colors).

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