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    New Quieto products, when acoustic performance meets design

    Sacha Barré


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    In the quest for a comfortable living space, the need to balance acoustic performance with design has become crucial. At the start of 2024, MYO opens up new perspectives and redefines the way you perceive and appreciate sound in your environment.

    Discover how to give meaning to your spaces by combining sound and visual comfort with our QUIETO range.

    1.The QUIETO range of acoustic products is expanding.

    Mediterranean-inspired, the myO products in the Quieto range have an assertive, refined design, typical of their thermoforming manufacturing process.

    In 2024, the range was expanded:

    1) Quieto kits, consisting of 3 or 4 single-color, frameless acoustic panels, offer different designs: Petals, Galaxies, Fans, Mosaics. Wall-mounted or suspended, they enhance spaces while significantly reducing sound reverberation.

    2) The wall-mounted version of the QUIETO panel is now available. With no visible frame, it brings a lightweight design to spaces while significantly reducing the reverberation of sound in the room.

    3) QUIETOSTICK cabinet backs are lightweight and can be attached to any surface: glass, plaster, wood or metal, using velcro or magnets. The result is better acoustics and a more pleasant view… than a cabinet back!

    2.New configurations, new options!

    The new Quieto products have many special features:

    1) Add an extra function with backlighting: Galaxies and Petals Kits and Quieto acoustic panels give you the option of adding a cocooning touch with subdued LED lighting.

    2) Play with superimpositions: a system of spacers lets you superimpose your panels to add volume to your compositions.

    3) Customize your compositions: Rounds, squares, fans, mosaics, petals, galaxies… Create a unique acoustic composition by combining shapes and colors.

    3.Acoustic products installed in the blink of an eye.

    For wall or ceiling mounting, we’ve designed easy, adjustable fastening systems. Our magnetic wall-mounting system allows the panels to be attached directly to the desired wall. Our system of adjustable cables also allows acoustic panels to be suspended directly from the ceiling, so that disturbances can be dealt with as close as possible to their source.

    MYO pushes back the boundaries of comfortable space design by reinventing the fusion of acoustic performance and design. The QUIETO range, inspired by the Mediterranean and manufactured by thermoforming, is expanding to offer a variety of solutions. Each product combines a unique, lightweight design with a significant reduction in sound reverberation.

    With innovative options such as LED backlighting and creative shape overlays, customization reaches new heights. MYO acoustic solutions contribute to the conviviality of your spaces thanks to their style and efficiency.

    Sacha Barré

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