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    How can you reduce noise in your restaurant?

    Alexandre Dezitter


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    Although the quality of your cuisine is crucial to customer satisfaction… relying solely on it is not the best solution, because even with an excellent menu, if your restaurant is too noisy, customers will be reluctant to return and will talk negatively about it to others. That’s why acoustic comfort is becoming a major issue for your restaurant.

    More and more people today are hypersensitive to noise, feeling uncomfortable in a loud environment. This makes it difficult for them to have lunch in a noisy environment, where relaxation should take precedence.

    We offer simple solutions for reducing noise in restaurants.

    Make an inventory of all your noise sources.

    You want to reduce the hubbub in a catering room. The first thing to remember is that noise can come from many different places and sources.

    There are three essential areas in the acoustic treatment of a building:
    Treating reverberation inside your restaurant
    Insulating your building against external noise
    Noise pollution from your equipment

    Then you can try to find solutions to reduce the noise.

    Is the noise related to your restaurant’s activity?

    Cutlery noise, chair creaking, background music, equipment operation, customer conversation…
    All of these factors combine to degrade the sound environment in your restaurant, especially if the layout of the building is conducive to sound reverberation.

    The layout of your establishment plays a significant role in
    its sound environment. Customers seated at tables
    close together will tend to raise the tone of voice.
    to get along. An effect of one-upmanship appears and this is what we
    acoustically known as the “cocktail effect”!

    Is the noise outside your restaurant?

    Some noise nuisance can come from outside or from a room adjacent to your restaurant. In this case, we speak of building sound insulation. You’ll need to work on your drywall or glass partitions to reduce noise pollution as much as possible.

    Alexandre Dezitter

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