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    The Kinô range expands with a new acoustic screen

    Alexandre Dezitter


    See a selection of acoustic installation projects carried out by our network of qualified partners.

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    Previously available exclusively in 100% PET and rectangular in shape, Kinô screens are now available in a range of finishes and configurations, offering you a host of possibilities for customizing your myO acoustic solutions.

    Kinô screens are evolving!

    What if we reinvented Kinô screens in a more design-oriented and vitaminized style? Acoustic screens are now available in two new versions, either horizontal or vertical: Wavy or Rectangle. The new Wavy version breaks the mould, offering a curvaceous design that blends seamlessly into the layout of your professional spaces.

    Also new… These new versions of Kinô screens are available with a wooden base. This finish underlines our environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

    28 new finishes!

    Originally, the Kinô range consisted exclusively of light and dark grey. Today, we offer you almost thirty different finishes with HUSH coating, so you can customize your products to your image!

    Whether curtains, new hangings, acoustic screens or desk dividers from the Kinô universe, which come in light and dark gray, they can now be covered on either side with one of 28 HUSH colors, a felted and colorful material.

    Alexandre Dezitter

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